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Best Betta Tank – Roundup and Reviews of Top Choices for 2017

A betta in a bowl? No thank you – says me and all bettas!

Betta fish are well known for their ability of survival, even if kept in a small cup or bowl. But they won’t be happy here, and will not be living the best life they could. Like any other animal, they would enjoy a larger area to explore and get some exercise, with cleaner and more stable water that a larger tank provides.

So ditch the small cup or bowl, and seek out one of the best betta tanks from our buying guide and product roundup review, where we take a close look at some of the best tanks for betta on the market today.

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Best Aquarium Air Pumps: Buying Guide and 5 Reviews

Air pumps are an essential part of many aquarium set-ups, used to drive some filters, to improve circulation of water in some tanks, or even to drive bubbling curtains of air or the odd swaying pirate.

Find out the best aquarium air pump for your needs in our latest product roundup and review where we discuss why you might want air bubbles, and the highest quality and most reliable air pumps to provide them.

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Choosing Substrate for a Planted Tank

There’s floating plants, there’s plants that can cling to rock or driftwood, but there’s also many that need to be rooted firmly in a decent substrate in order to thrive. But with plants coming from many different countries, climates and environments, not all plants can indeed do well in every substrate.

There’s large stones with big gaps between them, tightly packed anaerobic sand, alkaline substrates, some slightly acidic, some containing nutrients and that may affect your water parameters, others that are completely inert. So which is best and which do you need?

Read our little handy guide to discover which substrates are best for a planted aquarium, and the things you need to think about and consider when choosing.

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Best Aquarium Master Test Kit for Freshwater Tanks

We’ve discussed many times throughout the site the importance of water quality, for both your fish and any plants. The importance of your water parameters cannot be overstated. But how do you measure such things? You cannot see ammonia, nitrites or PH or hardness levels after all.

The answer is, you need a water parameter testing kit!

In this guide to the best freshwater testing kits on the market, we review and discuss some of the best choices you have for easy testing and monitoring of your water quality, so you can stay on top of things and be ready to take action if ever needed.

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Best Aquarium Gravel Vacuum Cleaners for 2017

Your aquarium occupants all generate waste: Your fish will feed and, erm, pass it out the other end. And any plants will shed the occasional leaf that will fall in your tank and begin to rot. So how do you remove this waste without having to go through a full tank clean every time?

You need an aquarium siphon / gravel cleaner.

These devices siphon water from your tank, while allowing you to stir the device through any substrate in the bottom of your tank, sucking up and taking away dirt and detritus that sits in the bottom of the tank, with sand and gravel being too heavy to be sucked away so it just falls back to the bottom.

We review and discuss the best gravel siphons and cleaners available in this next handy little guide.

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Best Plants for Goldfish Tanks and Aquariums

many plants can have a hard time surviving in a goldfish tank. Goldfish have such voracious appetites and an ‘eat anything attitude’, as well as a natural tendency to love a good dig, uprooting plants as an unfortunate side effect. So you have to choose your plants carefully.

Discover what you need to take into account and a list of beginner friendly, easy to maintain list of plants in our handy little guide to the best plants suitable for a goldfish tank.

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9 Best Plants for Betta Fish Tanks and Aquariums

When it comes to aquarium plants, not all are created equal and specific plants are suited to specific environments. Things such as light levels, water temperature, water parameters (hardness, PH level and more) and whether the aquarium occupants will want to eat the plants should all be taken into consideration when choosing plants for your tank.

In this article we discuss the best beginner plants most suited to the conditions presented in an ideal betta aquarium. Two of the most important considerations being water temperature and whether the plants could tear a betta’s delicate fins!

Read on to find out what plants should be on your shortlist for a betta tank.

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The 7 Best Aquarium Glass Cleaners and Algae Scrapers – Magnet and Blade Options

Algae and grime will build up on the inside of every fish tank. And although we might have algae eating fish within our communities, for most tanks this simply isn;t enough. So the glass will sometimes need cleaning.

There are many different glass cleaners on the market, different shapes, sizes, materials. Some for acrylic tanks, some meant for glass. But which is the best glass cleaner and algae scraper for your specific needs? Find out in this next informative buying guide and product review and roundup.

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Top 5 Best Canister Filter Reviews: For Tanks Large or Small

Canister filters are arguably the best and most suitable filter type for the vast majority of fish tanks and aquariums, being powerful, efficient and highly configurable to suit different needs. But not all filters are created equal.

There’s different build quality, different power and flow ratings, different configuration options. As well as different failure rates, customer service levels and overall customer feedback.

Take the pain out of searching for the best canister filters by reading our guide, a shortcut to finding the best filter for your needs without hours of painstaking research and thought.

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Best Goldfish Food: Flakes and Pellets Your Goldfish Will Love

Let’s be honest, goldfish will eat almost anything. But that doesn’t mean they SHOULD eat anything! Like us, they are what they eat. And if you feed your fish junk, they won’t be healthy and thrive.

So, find out what you should feed your goldfish and discover a few top choices in our product roundup review and buying guide on the best commercial food for goldfish.

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