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Black Moor Goldfish Description, Photos, Facts and Care Tips

One of the more popular ‘fancy’ goldfish species is the black moor goldfish, very commonly seen in many an aquarium in the western world.

Being a ‘fancy’ variety, they are different to the more common types, with some very different and specific care needs. Find out how to best to care for them, along with seeing some fantastic photos and a video in our handy little black moor 101.

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Types of Goldfish – An Illustrated Guide to Identify Goldfish

Not all goldfish look the same and despite the name, not all are gold. They come in many different colors and patterns, many shapes and sizes, with wildly different looking fins, and even different growths and features to their eyes and head.

It’s hard to find an estimate for the number of different goldfish varieties there are now in the world, but it’s growing all the time. With this, it can sometimes make it very hard to identify exactly what type of goldfish you are looking at. And that’s where we come in…

Read on to find a handy little infographic that in 3 simple steps, will help you to identify 23 of the most common (and a few not so common) goldfish you are likely to encounter.

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