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Basics of Lighting for Freshwater Planted Aquariums

As I’m sure anybody reading this knows, plants photosynthesize for food and to fuel growth. And this process can only happen in the presence of light. In this respect, aquarium plants are just the same. They simply MUST have light in order to survive and thrive.

However, you can’t just throw any old light into your aquarium and hope to have a thriving aquatic gardening, there are many things to consider such as light intensity, wavelength, the depth of water the light has to penetrate and more besides.

Find out how to light a planted aquarium correctly in our handy little guide.

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Benefits of Live Plants in a Freshwater Aquarium

Plants look beautiful in an aquarium. They give you a chance to make an authentic looking natural habitat for you fish, a little slice of nature right there in your home, but they also come with lots of benefits other than just aesthetics.

Live plants can help to clean the water, enrich the water with oxygen for your fish to breathe and ‘use up’ chemicals in the water that could be harmful to your fish, or go on to help spur the growth of unwanted algae. Plants truly are a wonderful addition to any tank and you can learn more about the benefits in our next handy guide.

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Think You Want To Grow Aquatic Plants? Here’s What it Takes

Adding plants to your aquarium takes things to another level in terms of creating a wonderful slice of nature in your home, but it also takes things to another level concerning the complexity and knowledge you need to maintain a healthy and thriving environment.

But don’t be put off, for with just a little knowledge and a couple of hours per month, you can create a beautiful underwater environment for your fish and yourself to enjoy. We have all the basics covered in this next little guide and should have you up and running – painlessly – in no time.

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Water Quality and Care for Planted Aquariums

In a planted tank, the water is, figuratively speaking, the air the plants breathe. Most aquarium plants are in contact with the water 100% of the time for 100% of their total mass. So it stands to reason that the quality of the water can have a dramatic effect.

PH levels, fish waste, hardness, nutrient levels and trace elements in the water all have a dramatic effect on the health and vitality of the plants in your tank, it can be a lot to learn and consider if you’re gunning for a planted aquarium. And that’s why we created this guide.

Read on to discover how water quality can affect the plants in your tank, and how you can monitor and tweak the water parameters to suit both your fish and your plants, for a healthy and thriving ecosystem.

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Choosing Substrate for a Planted Tank

There’s floating plants, there’s plants that can cling to rock or driftwood, but there’s also many that need to be rooted firmly in a decent substrate in order to thrive. But with plants coming from many different countries, climates and environments, not all plants can indeed do well in every substrate.

There’s large stones with big gaps between them, tightly packed anaerobic sand, alkaline substrates, some slightly acidic, some containing nutrients and that may affect your water parameters, others that are completely inert. So which is best and which do you need?

Read our little handy guide to discover which substrates are best for a planted aquarium, and the things you need to think about and consider when choosing.

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Best Plants for Goldfish Tanks and Aquariums

many plants can have a hard time surviving in a goldfish tank. Goldfish have such voracious appetites and an ‘eat anything attitude’, as well as a natural tendency to love a good dig, uprooting plants as an unfortunate side effect. So you have to choose your plants carefully.

Discover what you need to take into account and a list of beginner friendly, easy to maintain list of plants in our handy little guide to the best plants suitable for a goldfish tank.

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9 Best Plants for Betta Fish Tanks and Aquariums

When it comes to aquarium plants, not all are created equal and specific plants are suited to specific environments. Things such as light levels, water temperature, water parameters (hardness, PH level and more) and whether the aquarium occupants will want to eat the plants should all be taken into consideration when choosing plants for your tank.

In this article we discuss the best beginner plants most suited to the conditions presented in an ideal betta aquarium. Two of the most important considerations being water temperature and whether the plants could tear a betta’s delicate fins!

Read on to find out what plants should be on your shortlist for a betta tank.

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