634 Goldfish Names for All Different Types and Colors

A goldfish name word cloud behind an isolated image of an orange goldfishSo, you’re the proud parent of a new goldfish? What next?!

Well, your top priority should be properly setting up their tank, settling them in and learning to care for them properly, but after that, they’re going to need a name!

Sometimes inspiration strikes and other times it doesn’t, so we’ve put together some helpful tips for picking goldfish names, along with an extensive list of possible names. No matter which color, shape or type of goldfish you have, we’re sure to have a name to suit.

If you can’t choose a name for your goldfish after reading this post, you might have to give up on names altogether!

How to Choose a Name for Your Goldfish

First, let’s talk about some of the places you could look for inspiration when selecting a name.

  • Animal names — There’s no reason why a fish can’t be can’t be called “Bear” or “” It might be a little confusing, but the animal kingdom is a suitable place to look for name inspiration.
  • Personality-based names — A name can be more than just a name; it can be an extension of personality. If you want a name that really suits your new goldfish, watch them closely for a few days, discover more about their personality, and name them accordingly.
  • Based on color — Color is one of the first things you notice, so you could go with the obvious choice and give your fish a color-related name.
  • Taken from food — From junk food to veggies, all kinds of food can make adorable names. Why not call yours after your favorite snack?
  • Pop culture — Pop culture contains a wealth of naming opportunities. Choose a name inspired by your favorite movie, TV show, book, or celebrity icon.
  • Group/Pair Names — If you’re naming more than one goldfish, consider giving them names that go together. For instance, “Fish” and “Chips” or “Alvin,” “Simon” and “”
  • Mythological names — You can find plenty of interesting and unusual names in mythology, whether Greek, Roman, Norse or other.
  • Friend and family names — Flatter your mum or your BFF by naming your new goldfish after them.

Now let’s move on to our name lists, which are sorted into a range of categories, including gender, color, and personality.


Best Names for Male Goldfish

Many goldfish in an aquarium with many green plants
© Satit _Srihin / Adobe Stock

You may want to give your male goldfish a typically male name. Something that lets the world know, “I am a man.”

There’s something quite amusing about giving the sort of name that’s usually reserved for people. That said, there are also plenty of masculine-sounding names that aren’t generally used for humans.

Take a look at the list below and see if any of these take your fancy.

Abe Gareth Michael
Adam Garland Mitchell
Admiral George Moe
Alan Giles Mulder
Albert Graham Niall
Albus Hagrid Nigel
Anakin Han Odin
Andy Harry Paolo
Apollo Henrik Paul
Ares Hiro Percy
Atticus Homer Peter
Barrel Horatio Pluto
Bart Jacob Ray
Basil Jake Ron
Bear James Ross
Benedict Jem Ryan
Bobby Jimmy Serge
Bowie Joey Severus
Brad Jose Sirius
Cal Julian Spike
Captain Kylo Steven
Chandler Leland Tariq
Charles Leonard Thomas
Christopher Loki Thor
Cohen Louis Tim
Cosmo Lucas Vader
Dale Lucian Walter
Darth Lucien Will
David Lucius William
Diego Luke Wulfric
Donnie Lupin Xander
Douglas Mars Zappa
Draco Matias Zeus
Fox Matt Ziggy


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Best Names for Female Goldfish

2 goldfish swimming toward a green plant, with bubbles in the background
© dmitrimaruta / Adobe Stock

Consider choosing a feminine name for your female goldfish. You can pick something dainty and girly sounding or the sort of badass female name that will make your goldfish want to swim off and smash the patriarchy.

Some of these are classic names, whereas others are more contemporary, but any one of them could be a suitable choice.

The list below features a wide range of female names for goldfish, from the sensible to the beautiful to the adorable.

Abigail Emma Marnie
Adalyn Eva Maya
Alexis Evelyn Melanie
Alice Faith Melody
Alyssa Flower Molly
Amanda Freya Monica
Amelia Genesis Naomi
Annabelle Gianna Nicole
Anya Ginny Olivia
Aomame Hailey Ophelia
Astrid Hannah Padma
Athena Harmony Parvati
Ava Hermione Penelope
Bella Hester Persephone
Bella Isa Peyton
Belle Ivy Phoebe
Berry Jocelyn Piper
Bessie Josephine Pixie
Blanche Julia Prim
Brianna Juliet Rachel
Brielle Kate Rey
Buffy Katherine Sarah
Camilla Kylie Sienna
Carly Lauren Sophia
Cher Leia Tara
Cho Lily Taylor
Cora Louise Teagan
Cordelia Luna Thelma
Diana Lydia Trinity
Dion Lyla Veronica
Doris Mac Viola
Drusilla Mackenzie Vivian
Elizabeth Madeline Willow
Elsie Malaya  

Unisex Names for Goldfish

Bright orange goldfish in tank with black background and gravel bottom
© dionoanomalia / Adobe Stock

It’s not always easy to tell whether your goldfish is male or female, so if you’re unsure you might want to hedge your bets and go for a unisex name.

Alternatively, you might know the sex of your goldfish but not consider it essential for them to have a gendered name.

Whatever your reason for choosing a unisex name, you’ll find plenty of excellent options available to you.

Many of the options below are human names, but there are also some more out-there choices that we think would work for either a male or female fish.

Adi Frankie Pat
Aero Gerry Pepper
Aki Gibson Peyton
Alex Glen Puff
Alto Grayson Quincy
Angel Grier Ray
Ashley Hammersmith Rayne
Aubrey Harper Razor
Avery Hart Remi
Bay Hayden Riley
Beren Hunter River
Billie Ira Sage
Brook Jamie Sam
Brooklyn Jay Sasha
Camden Jessie Scout
Casey Jo Shay
Chaos Jo Snapple
Charlie Joss Sparky
Checkers Karma Sparrow
Chip Kelly Splash
Chutney Kerry Stevie
Cola Laser Stormy
Corliss Lennox Tan
Crash Leslie Tien
Dale Lex Tsunami
Daryl Lucky Val
Devon Madden Wallace
Drew Marley Waves
Eddy MJ Winn
Ellis Monroe Winslow
Emery Mustang Winter
Everest Nakia Wren
Fallon Palmer Yang
Fender Parker Yin

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Funny Names for Goldfish

A bubble eyed goldfish - Huge, balloon like eyes
© titipong8176734 / Adobe Stock

If you’re the sort of person who’s always cracking jokes or coming out with cringe-worthy puns, you might prefer a funny name for your goldfish.

We’ve come up with a range of names designed to tickle your funny bone, and we’ve done quite well, if we may say so ourselves.

Select a moniker for your scaled sidekick from this list and amuse your friends and family with your wit. Never mind that you lifted it from a list on the internet… We won’t tell if you don’t!

Algae B. Eater Goldie Horn Sid Fishous
Carrie Fisher Harley Finn Sushi
Fin James Pond Swedish
Fin-ley Jaws Swim Shady
Georgia O’Reef Lake Skywalker Tank Girl
Gill-bert M. Sea Hammer Tank-erbell
Gill-y Nelson Sea-bastian Tuna Turner

Cute Names for Goldfish

2 multi-colored goldfish looking at each other in front of many green aquarium plants
© moonrise / Adobe Stock

Take a long, hard look at your new goldfish. Are they just too adorable for words? If so, you might want to pick a cute name them.

Foodstuffs tend to make pretty adorable goldfish names, but that’s not your only option. We’ve compiled a sizable list of below that’s so sweet they’ll give you a toothache.

Cute names aren’t for everyone, but we think they’re an excellent choice. Even if you’re not serious about the cutesy name you’ve given, you can reach a whole new level of meaning with an ironically cute name.

Check out this list to see if cute is the angle for you.

Alfie Fido Piglet
Archie Figgy Pine Nut
Baby Fluffy Pixie
Bagel Flurry Popper
Bang Freckles Popsicle
Beetroot Fuzzle Pots
Biscuit Gizmo Pretzel
Blimp Gracie Princess
Bliss Gravy Puffin
Blueberry Hob Nob Puggle
Bonsai Jazzed Radish
BooBoo Jeffie Raygold
Bug Jelly Roo
Bunting Jolie Roomba
Button Keeks Rover
Chipper Kittie Rudy
Chutney Loopy Sausage
Cookie Lychee Scraps
Crumpet Macaroni Socks
Cuddles Merry Soda Pop
Cupcake Merry Sparkle
Curly Fry Mogwai Spoopy
Daikon Mr. Bones Squishy
Dapper Muffin Sugarplum
Dink Nemo Super
Dixie Noodle Sweetie
Dollie Oreo Taco
Domino Pallie Tiggywinkle
Donut Patchwork Tink
Doodles PBJ Tiny
Dory Pea Toast
Dropple Peanut Wiggles
Edamame Pee Wee Winnie
Fairycakes Pickle  

Goldfish Names by Color

What’s the first thing you notice about your goldfish when you look at them? Undoubtedly, one of their most noticeable features is their color. You can take advantage of this to select a name.

Whether your new fish is that classic orange hue or a more unusual color, such as black or white, we’ve got you covered.

Here are our favorite color-inspired names for you to peruse.

Names for Orange Goldfish

Orange goldfish at the surface of water, on a white background
© mch67 / Adobe Stock

Orange foods, orange items from nature, and famously orange characters are all sources of inspiration for our favorite orange goldfish names.

Amber Clementine Mandarin
Apricot Copper Marmalade
Autumn Crookshanks Nacho
Butter Ball Ember Orangeade
Butternut Fall Peach
Butterscotch Fanta Peachy
Carrot Garfield Persimmon
Cheddar Ginger Pumpkin Pie
Cheese Ball Ginger Nut Rust
Cheese Dorito Gingersnap Tang
Cheeto Goldie Tiger

Names for Red Goldfish

A rd goldfish gulping air from the surface with a blurred background
© Altin Osmanaj / Adobe Stock

When you think of the color red, you think of heat, fire, and flames, not to mention various tasty red foods. If you need a fitting name for your red goldfish, this is the place to look!

Apple Phoenix Ruby
Blaze Poppy Russ
Cherry Red Scarlett
Coral Red Strawberry
Crimson Rose Valentina
Fever Rosella Valentine
Flame Rosie Valentino

Names for Yellow Goldfish

Isolated side view image of a yellow goldfish on white background
© Alexander Potapov / Adobe Stock

Your striking yellow goldfish needs a name that complements their cheerful shade. Any one of the following names would be perfect.

Blondie Mustard Sun
Buttercup Pikachu Sunflower
Custard Saffron Sunglow
Honey Star Sunny
Mellow Yellow Summer Sunshine

Names for Black Goldfish

Image of a black moor goldfish isolated on white background
© vangert / Adobe Stock

Dark and mysterious names are perfect for a black goldfish. As are those that relate to nighttime or black objects. We love each and every one of these in the following list.


Anise Espresso Panther
Ash Goth Pepsi
Blackfish Grimoire Raven
Bleak Guinness Shadow
Char Midnight Smoke
Coal Nero Smudge
Coca-Cola Nightfall Sooty
Crow Nightmare Velvet
Damien Nyx Voodoo
Ebony Omen Warlock
Eclipse Onyx Witch

Names for White Goldfish

A white goldfish with a red head isolated on white
© fivespots / Adobe Stock

White makes you think of frosty landscapes, delicate white blossoms, and the pale moonlight. We’ve come up with a fitting collection of names suitable for white goldfish.

Alp Jasmine Quartz
Arctic Magnolia Snow
Blossom Mayo Snowball
Bone Mist Snowdrop
Daisy Moonlight Snowflake
Diamond Moony Spirit
Dove Opal Storm
Ghost Orchid Swan
Ice Polar Bear Vanilla
Ivory Powder  

Names for Multi-Colored Goldfish

A calico goldfish isolated on a black background
© francesvdm / Adobe Stock

What should you call a tri-colored, bi-colored, or other multi-colored goldfish? We’ve got a range of names here that might suit your new tank-dwelling pal.

Aurora Borealis Picasso Skittles
Dotty Prism Smudge
Kingfisher Rainbow Spot
Patches Rainbow Brite Sprinkles
Peacock Rainbow Fish Zigzag

Goldfish Names Based on Personality

A red and white goldfish swimming toward camera with bubbles in the water
© eddy02 / Adobe Stock

Some goldfish have a lot of personality, if you bother to observe their behavior. Some are sprightly and always on the go, whereas others have a more laid back approach to life. Some seem super smart, whereas others belong in the remedial tank.

If you want to select a name that suits their personality, you’ll first need to think about what sort of personality traits they have. Once you’ve figured this out, you can select the perfect name to go along with it.

Bandit Fang Patience
Bolt Fizz Prince
Brain Flaky Rocket
Champion Genghis Rowdy
Charmer Goober Saber
Cheers Grace Sass
Chomp Hannibal Scruff
Clogs Happy Serenity
Cowboy Harpy Silly
Crusher Haught Sloth
Cuddles Hope Stinger
Dart Hulk Sweetheart
Darwin Indie Tizz
Dash Jet Turbo
Diablo Jiffy Viper
Dinkie Liberty Wolverine
Ditsy Luxi Xena
Doofus Monster Yawnz
Duke Nibbles Zoom
Einstein Outlaw  


And that about sums up our lists and ideas for naming your goldfish, and with it this is the end of our goldfish names game.

If you’re still stuck though, we do have a beast of an article with over 600 names we picked for betta fish. Many of these would also be suitable for goldfish, so it might be worth you taking a look? You can check it out here: The best names for betta fish.

Also, if you have a name we’ve not included in our lists, either one of your own pets, or simply a suggestion based on the traits we’ve selected, please do let us know in the comments in the below, we’d love to hear from you.

Happy fish keeping!

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