Who are We? What are Our Goals?

Our aim is to help everybody enjoy the hobby of fishkeeping as passionately as we do, by sharing tips, tricks, and how-tos, in easy to follow, stripped down and easy to understand language that anybody can absorb and act on.

Hello and welcome to It’s A Fish Thing, your one-stop online resource for not just keeping fish who survive, but helping them thrive and live as happy and healthily as possible, for you to enjoy them for many years to come.

This site exists with one purpose in mind: To build a resource for all of us who adore our fish and want to do the absolute best for them.

On this site we do what we love to do most – talk and share about fish to anyone who will listen.

We aim to be fun, chatty and conversational, yet full of dead-on accurate, factual information pertaining to the world of keeping fish.

The site is run by myself, Wendy Kathryn, and my good friend, Brian Hamilton. We are keen hobbyists and full on fish lovers.

We read a lot of stuff, we try out a lot of stuff (as long as it’s safe for our fish!) and then whenever it makes sense, we pass along that knowledge to you.

We are building here a site where you can enjoy ‘how-to’ tutorials, stories, discussions, pictures, videos and product reviews – Just about anything that has to do with helping your fish to thrive.

Our Stories


I’d never kept fish before until I moved in with my boyfriend in 2010 to find he had a common goldfish that he’d won at the fair a few years before. It was kept in a tiny little tank which just didn’t look right to me so I bought a 70l tank for it. (Still too small, I know, but bear with me!)

We then bought a couple of small fancies ‘to keep it company’ and after adding them to the tank, all three very quickly became ill with what I later discovered to be ‘white spot.’

When researching the illness and what I should do, I discovered a wealth of information and so many things that we were doing wrong; From tank size to water condition, feeding schedules to the light cycle. It was clear I had a lot to learn. So I started to…

We treated and cured the white spot, bought a 200l tank, upgraded the filtration, bought and now use water conditioners and testing kits – You pretty much know how the story goes from here – I had caught the bug!

In short, I now have 3 tanks, with the original common from the fair, 4 fancies, a few Garrah, some freshwater snails and a few live plants. I’m now looking forward to learning more and branching out further in the coming years.

But anyway, I’m now super interested in fish, their care, natural behavior and everything that goes along with it, which is why I decided to start this site. I want to create a little sub-community in the larger worldwide community of fish keepers where I can share my experiences with people just like me.


I’m a fish enthusiast and have been since a child because my family always kept them. Mainly goldfish, but they did have a simple tropical tank too. For the most part, they did a pretty good job and the fish lived long lives, well cared for, while I learnt a great deal about them.

Over the years I’ve had more tanks and breeds of fish than I could care to mention; Goldfish, Bettas, Angel fish, Tetras, Tiger barbs, Guppies and Platties, Catfish, Cichlids – I could go on!

At the moment I’ve had to scale down my collection somewhat as I recently moved country and am finding my feet, but I still keep 3 tanks; Two 10 gallons with a single male Betta in each (a veil tail and a crown tail) and a 75 Gallon community tank with 2 Fancy Goldfish, 2 garrah and 8 Zebra Danios. As soon as I’m settled I shall set up a proper fish room with some exciting projects I have planned!

Anyhow, in the last 25 years I’ve tested and used all manner of products, from canister filters to under-gravel filters, siphon action to motorized vacuum gravel cleaners, water treatments to medications for disease. I’ve had crushed coral substrate to bare-bottom tanks, used charcoal and peat moss for filter mediums and have fed everything from flakes to live food.

There’s not a lot I haven’t studied, tried, tested and learnt from over the decades and I’m looking forward to working on this project, sharing my knowledge and passion with like-minded aquarists.

Our Mission Together:

Our mission is more than just educating people on the best ways to keep an aquarium. Our mission is to guide people along a journey, to become the very best they can be at a hobby they love, so they can truly enjoy their passion.

We’ve both had our fair share of frustration over the years and remember what it’s like not knowing what to do or when to do it, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Knowledge is power and that knowledge is here for free!

Our articles are all designed to give easy to follow, practical advice so you can develop an aquarium and take care of your fish in such a way that you can take great pride in the work that you’ve done.

The Team at Its A Fish Thing

Profile picture of me, Wendy Kathryn, frontal and from shoulders and above

Founder and Chief Editor

Wendy Kathryn

Hi, I'm Wendy, the owner and creator of this website, an experienced fish keeper and avid student of the art since 2010. My aim is to help beginners avoid the many possible mistakes when getting started in this wonderful hobby.

Cartoonized photo of brian

Founder and Writer

B Hamilton

Hey there! I'm Brian, a lifelong enthusiast and fish keeper with a wealth of knowledge and experience on freshwater aquariums, that I love to share on this site. If you have any questions or need any help, please do ask in the comments section below, I'd love to hear from you and will help where I can.

Jeremy Pickrell Profile Pic


Jeremy Pickrell

Jeremy has been a fish keeping enthusiast for more than 2 decades. He loves to share his knowledge with others, to aid in the enjoyment of fish keeping, and to get as much fun and joy out of the hobby as he does.

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Please take a look around the site, admire the beautiful photos and videos, and read and soak up the knowledge. But please, don’t stop there!

As you go through the site, leave your thoughts and views, stories of successes and failures and any advice of your own in the comment section under the articles. We all share the same passion and everybody has something to give as well as something to learn. We’d love to hear from you!

Anyhow, thanks for stopping by. We hope you enjoy our site and if you have any questions or feedback, please do get in touch via our contact form or on our social media profiles in the sidebar.

Best wishes,

Wendy and Brian.