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Our aim is to create the very best resource that we wish we could have found when we began our journeys into fishkeeping, searching for tips and advice on the art, science, and enjoyment of keeping fish at home.

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Introducing new fish written across a young boy putting a bag with fish into a tank

You can all but eradicate the risk of introducing disease into your tank when adding new fish – if you follow the advice in this handy little guide!

Identifying goldfish types written across a close up of a goldfish on black gravel

Confused when it comes to what type of goldfish is which? We cut through the noise with our handy little identification graphic and guide.

Identifying common betta types written across a red and blue betta on black background

Want to know exactly what type of betta fish you’re looking at? We make it easy with our detailed guide to identifying betta fish.

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I run ‘’ together with my good friend, Brian. To find out a bit about us, how we got into fishkeeping, why we started this site and what we’re hoping to achieve, please check out our ‘about us’ page here:

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